Nimble Storage, a subsidiary of HPE,  is one of the new pioneers in hybrid and all-flash SAN storage. Their unique CASL architecture allows for an unprecedented mix of performance, capacity efficiency and uptime that was previously thought impossible.

As a leading Nimble Storage/HPE Partner, Scale Datacom can tailor a complete solution around their product offering that will put Nimble’s unique architecture to work for you.

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Extremely Fast

  • Flash-Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays
    • Mix and Match at will in the same environment
  • Unique CASL Architecture
    • SSDs in Hybrid are used as read cache
    • Writes are aggregated in controller DRAM and laid out as one large sequential stripe to spinning disk
    • The HDDs’ only job is data protection (RAID 6+1).

Extremely Efficient

  • Inline Compression and Variable Block Architecture greatly reduce data footprint allowing you to store more per array
  • All-Flash Arrays also include Dedupe
  • Ultra-Thin snapshot engine allows you to take and retain far more recovery points
  • Remote Replication with integrated QoS greatly optimized WAN bandwidth

Unbeatable Value

  • All-Inclusive Feature Licensing
    • Everything is included in the price of the array
    • New features are a no-cost download
  • Unbeatable mix of IOPs, Features and usable capacity per dollar spent
  • Stable, budget-friendly support pricing

Hybrid Arrays

CS1000 CS3000 CS5000 CS7000
Usable Capacity 16-982TB 16-1,185TB 16-1,185TB 16-1,185TB
Effective Usable 32-1,964TB 32- 2,371TB 32- 2,371TB  32- 2,371TB
 Max IOPs (70/30 Read/Write) 35,000 50,000 120,000 230,000
Flash Capacity .7-28TB .7-36TB .7-76TB .7-108TB
 Connectivity Options 1,/10Gbe, 8/16GB FC
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All-Flash Arrays

 AF1000 AF3000 AF5000 AF7000
 Usable Capacity  4-33TB 4-67TB 8-136TB 8-238TB
Effective Usable  20-165TB 20-335TB 40-680TB 40-1,190TB
  Max IOPs (70/30 Read/Write)  35,000 50,000 120,000 230,000
Connectivity Options 1,/10Gbe, 8/16GB FC
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